My Warong M2m - Testimonials


Korang mmg power lar...menyampah
Abeslah diet cik ni mcm lol!
Good food great service...*Thumbs up*

- EricaKate Thompson
*5 stars* Love the food and the staff is very friendly.

- Jin Notti Matsu
*4 stars* Overall nice!! Would like to come back again!
- Nidya Camillia
*4 stars* Finally a place where I can feed my craves for Malaysian & Indonesian style food without leaving the country.. So close to home some more!!
- Mia Riani
*4 stars* Satay gravy is thick n delicious. Tried ala carte menu, yummy. Next round will try e noodles...
- Freedom Natasha
*4 stars* Great place for Indonesian & Malaysian food. Close to home! Will come back.
- Budak Umar
*5 stars* Coming back again... most definitely!
- Diana Feroze
*4 stars* Yesterday lunchbox, nasi briyani ayam kurma was superb. Even using normal rice instead of basmati, still the taste and moist is there. Very soft. Getting better. Hats off to the new chef...
- 18 PW
- Md Fazdly

Nasi Lemak

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